How does Biden vs. Trump impact your home sale? || 2020 Election Real Estate Advice

The end of an election year is a terrible time to sell your home, right?...
…well, it depends on ONE critical factor.
😲 Election season is full of uncertainty.
But, then again, most of 2020 has been dominated by uncertainty.
7 months ago, I sat here with you wondering what the future would hold.
We were barely a week into the lockdown, and there were so many unknowns.
🤔 Now, here we are 7 months later with new questions on everybody’s mind.
BUT, here’s what we know about times of uncertainty:
People always have needs, regardless of what’s happening in the world around them.
🏠 And as far as real estate goes, people still need to buy and sell homes.
I can say this with confidence because I’ve had more families reach out to me for help in 2020 than ever before.
Things haven’t slowed down, even through this election season.
Quite the opposite, in fact.
👍 Just this week, for the 5th time this year, I helped a client sell her home for $100,000+ over the asking price!
And during the month of October, my team helped:
✅ 4 clients close escrow
✅ 9 other clients open escrow (a record high!)
For the complete list of these properties, feel free to send me an email.
If you’ve been watching my monthly market updates…
…you know the Pasadena-area market has been slowing down over the past few months.
🥳️ BUT, my clients continue to see outstanding results that outpace market performance.
So, what IS the critical factor that determines whether this is a good or bad time to sell?
It’s all about who you have representing you.
➡️ The number of homes they’ve recently sold matters.
➡️ Their marketing strategy matters.
➡️ Their negotiating prowess matters.
The whole world changed in the last 7 months…
…including the most effective ways to sell a home safely and for the highest price.
Most agents haven’t adapted and they continue to market and sell homes the same way they always have.
This is a huge mistake, and it costs home sellers their equity.
I’ve taken a very different approach for my clients.
I’ve gone all-in with:
✅ Top quality video marketing
✅ Professional copywriting
✅ Cutting edge use of social media platforms
This marketing strategy has proven incredibly powerful.
5 home sales for $100K+ over the asking price is anything but common.
It wouldn’t have happened without uncommonly effective marketing.
Only you can say when you have the time and mental energy to undertake a home sale.
As far as market conditions go…
…yes, uncertainty is high but local housing inventory is low AND interest rates are extremely low.
💪 With the right guidance, home sellers can still find big opportunities in 2020.
For now, the supply and demand equation remains in your favor as a seller.
So, if you’d like to explore this opportunity to extract maximum equity from your property…
…please feel free to reach out to me for a home equity evaluation.
You can find me at 626-807-6581 or at
Eva Lin | Broker | Lin Realty Group
DRE01817694 | DRE02097017

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