How to Stop Losing Out on Luxury Homes and Finally Get Your Dream Home

Why do you keep missing out on the BEST luxury homes?

… and how can you solve this problem immediately?

💪 Today, I’m sharing my #1 Tip for Luxury Home Buyers who want to avoid frustration and heartache.

At the end of this video, I share an incredible success story about my clients, Janet and Sam.

They searched for 12+ months with their original agent and finally had enough.

We met 3 weeks ago, and I’ve already helped them win their dream home!
🎉 Janet and Sam are over the moon!

Unfortunately, many buyers find themselves in the same frustrating position Janet and Sam first encountered.

In my September Market Update, I mentioned the $2M-$4M Range of the market is still VERY active.

As soon as a good house hits the market, there’s already a flurry of activity around it.

This is great for home sellers, but how can you win as a home buyer?

The biggest advantage a luxury buyer can have is…

✅ Priority Access to Information!

Wouldn’t it be great to know about homes that aren’t yet on the market?...

…so you can have first shot at striking a deal with the owner.

Off market sales are far more common in higher price points.

Problem: Most luxury buyers find homes on Zillow or from their agent’s MLS feed.

Sound familiar??

😱 By the time your dream home hits Zillow or the MLS, it could already be too late!

So, what do you do?


Work with one of the few agents who represents a high volume of luxury home sellers.

Because I’m very active in this space…

…and because I market directly to luxury home sellers…

🤔 I know about DOZENS of local homeowners contemplating the sale of their luxury home.

This allows me to match my luxury home buyers with my personal database of homes that are likely to hit the market soon!

Here’s a practical example:

Soon I’ll be bringing 2 homes onto the market.

✅ One is a gorgeous 4bed/5bath San Marino home at $3.1M

✅ The other is an elegant penthouse condo in Pasadena at $1.5M

My buyers LOVE learning about these homes, and dozens of others, weeks or even months before they hit Zillow.

This informational edge gives them a HUGE upper hand against the competition.

It’s an absolute game changer!

Now, let’s revisit my client’s Janet and Sam.

Janet is an attorney who wanted to use a jumbo loan product specifically for lawyers and physicians.

It allows for a 10% down payment on a large purchase.

Her previous agent blamed their lack of progress on the 10% down payment.

😠 After writing offers for over a year with no results, Janet and Sam had enough!

That’s when they reached out to me for help.

Now, just 3 weeks later, they’re in escrow on their dream home!

👊 I helped them beat out multiple offers, and best of all…

They’re using the 10% down loan product!

So, how did I deliver the result they were looking for in just 3 weeks?

As always, I dug deep into the seller’s motivation for selling the house.

By skillfully asking the right strategic questions…

…I was able to craft an offer that helped my clients FINALLY come out on top.

😯 In a market like this, luxury home buyers need every advantage possible!

I’m happy to provide that through my:

✅ Depth of expertise, AND

✅ Database of off market homes.

If there’s anything I can do to support you in your luxury home buying or selling goals, I invite you to reach out.

You can call/text me at 626-807-6581

Or find me at

Eva Lin | Broker-Owner | Lin Realty Group⠀
DRE01817694 | DRE02097017

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