What’s the secret to selling 4 Multi-Million-Dollar Homes in 6 weeks?

After selling 4 multi-million-dollar homes in the last 6 weeks…
…I’m going to share what’s working for home sellers seeking a smooth, top dollar sale.
And also what to avoid…
No home seller wants strangers stopping by their home for months on end.
😨 Unfortunately, my clients Paula & Gary found themselves in this situation before we met.
Their house custom built La Canada home at 5333 Mountain Meadow Ln was gorgeous…and BIG.
All their kids had moved out and Paula & Gary wanted to downsize.
They were excited for their next chapter, so they:
✅ Got the house ready
✅ Hired an agent from the most prominent brokerage around
✅ And put the house up for sale
Over 7 months went by and their house still wasn’t sold.
To make matters worse inventory was rising!
This was put downward pressure on their home’s price.
Paula & Gary called me to discuss the situation and I spotted 3 areas that needed MAJOR adjustment.
I made the adjustments and when COVID calmed down, I listed the house for sale.
3 weeks later…
…Paula & Gary were in escrow with multiple offers received!
🥳 I can’t tell you how excited Paula & Gary were!
While other luxury homes are sitting on the market, their house:
👉 Stood out from the crowd
👉 Generated a ton of interest
👉 Sold quickly for the FULL appraised value of $2.9 million.
So…how did I do it?
There are 3 critical steps all luxury home sellers need to take to get the best results.
1⃣ The Marketing
My team created TWO captivating videos to market the home.
Paula & Gary’s home was presented in a truly unique and beautiful way.
🤯 They were blown away.
In the first video (a “Lifestyle Video”), we wanted to capture the magic of their home.
We showed the lifestyle buyers dream about for themselves and their loved ones.
We tied the buyers biggest hopes and dreams to Paula & Gary’s house.
In the second video, I sat down with Paula for an interview.
🤫 We discussed the insider secrets of the house….
…the things home buyers are dying to learn about (but usually can’t).
Paula described the many hidden benefits of the house that photos just don’t reveal.
Home buyers love to know the true insider story about a house!
So, I delivered that to them on a silver plater through this second video.
Both of these videos (filmed just before COVID) were front and center on Zillow!
You can see them here: https://www.facebook.com/linrealtygroupservices/videos/763798231028586
Competing homes had either no video, or a boring video walk through with ZERO emotional impact.
2⃣ The Home’s Positioning and Description
😕 The original marketing described the home as a “compound.”
The facts and features were spelled out, but a story wasn’t being told.
In my experience, the BEST way to market a luxury home is through…
Aspirational Story-Telling!
✨My marketing team positioned and described the home as a place where fairytale moments happen.
A place where magic becomes reality.
🥰 A place full of joy and beauty, love and warmth.
NOT “a compound.”
We didn’t focus on the home’s features.
We focused on the incredible lifestyle benefits the new owners would enjoy…
..and the new aspirational identity they would achieve.
💪 This is truly marketing at its highest level!
And it’s LIGHTYEARS beyond how most homes (including luxury homes) are marketed.
3⃣ Adjusting the Price
If the price of them home is misaligned with the market, the home won’t sell.
No amount of marketing can overcome this…
…and market conditions are constantly changing.
📈 It’s critical for home sellers to be fully aware of their home’s CURRENT and TRUE value!
I’m always 100% transparent with clients about the optimal listing price for their home.
For a luxury home, the goal is to establish a price that…
…doesn’t alienate serious buyers
…but also doesn’t undervalue the home.
Because I sell more homes than 99% of the agents in the area…
…I’m exceptionally in-tune with the market.
👍 I know how to prices homes to sell for the maximum value!
By combining all three of these strategies, Paula & Gary finally achieved the result they hoped for all along!
They closed their chapter in La Canada and are excited to open a new one by the beach!
🙋 🙋‍♂️ If you’d like to enjoy this kind of result when selling your home, reach out to me for a consultation.
At Lin Realty Group, we pride ourselves on delivering the real estate experience you didn’t even know you were missing.
You can reach me at 626-807-6581
Or find me at linrealtygroup.com

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